Holiday Travel Package Concept & Understanding


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Whenever we talk about holiday tour packages or tour packages, we think it is going to be fixed tour itinerary with number of activities planned for every single day in a given destination. This kind of fixed holiday travel does not provide choice & comfort to the travellers. In our understanding, holiday is all about to enjoy the surroundings and spend times with your loved ones as in today’s modern world our lifestyle has become so mundane and mechanical. We consider holiday travel as extension to your life which provides you more joy and fulfillment with your family, friends & colleagues etc.

In order to add fun element in your travel, we offer endless tour options while planning a holiday to make you more comfortable and tempted to wait for pleasant surprises in the destinations. With Pathik The Traveller you have complete freedom to choose your interest of holiday travel such as adventure, wildlife, beach, hill station, culture, heritage, spiritual etc with flexible duration of stay in each destination & optional activities planned. This kind of customized travel helps you to enjoy the holiday at your own pace, interest and budget. Customized tour packages could be offered to small or large group travellers as well.

One of interesting facts about tour packages is that selection of destination could play a major role in planning a dream holiday for travellers as it encourage them to undertake various tour activities in the destination based on their individual interests. Passion for travel is very important for tour operator while planning a holiday for travellers so that they could enjoy holiday to its full potential.

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