The Need to Purchase Travel Insurance Policy

Travel Insurance policy


Planning an annual vacation is important to most people as it includes the leisure time taken off with family and friends from whole year’s hard work. Either people who are frequent travelers, planning a single holiday or more than one vacation every year should ensure they have adequate travel insurance cover in case any inadvertent event happens. Travel Insurance cover enables you to make claim against your travel insurance.

Unfortunately, most travelers either often forget or deliberately do not purchase travel insurance policy. It is not until when they come across a problem, they repent and realize the importance of a travel insurance policy. The major reason that travelers forget purchasing travel insurance policy is either they are unable to find the right travel insurance policy or arranging to couple the holiday itself puts the travelers off and insurance cover becomes an omission. Moreover, planning a vacation make people think about things like shopping and sightseeing and less about purchasing a travel insurance cover.

Insurance may not be the most exciting thing but it certainly caters the traveler with peace of mind and security for the whole family. Therefore, when you travel, ensure that you have taken adequate travel insurance cover for you and your family.

What does it cover?

Your travel insurance would cover financial losses and medical expenses while traveling. Medical expenses are also inclusive of medical evacuation. The most popular kind of travel insurance is called trip delay or trip cancellation insurance. This kind of policy would cover you and the people you are travelling with, in case; you cancel, delay or interrupt your traveling plans. However, the most acceptable reason for interrupting or cancelling your travel plans would depend on the kind of insurance policy you purchase. Nevertheless, you would be covered with travel insurance for the following reasons:

  • Change of mind.
  • Injury or illness.
  • Unexpected business conflicts.
  • Issues related to weather conditions.
  • Any sort of delay in your passport or visa processing procedure.

In the event of your flight being delayed or cancelled, the company catering you with travel insurance would also provide you with additional coverage. It may be inclusive of expenses not covered by airlines such as taxi fares to your place of residence or hotel and expenses spent on meals while waiting for the flight.

Types of Travel Insurance Covers

Travel Insurance policies availed by various travelers does not mean that they are paranoid about uncertain events happening in their lives. It simply means that they do not control their life or the events that they may come across.

  • Package

Travel insurance packages mostly cover single trips. It is rated as the best for both international and domestic trips. The medium of traveling may be any, what is important is travel insurance cover. The packages are rated as per the age of the potential insurance buyer, duration and cost of the trip. Find below the various types of travel insurance policies offered to the masses.

  • Medical

Travel insurance covers medical expenses in case you require medical assistance during your trip. However, when traveling in a group, it is advisable to purchase group travel insurance. Most insurance companies offer medical expenses within travel insurance limited to the areas covered within the covered areas. It is advisable to ask your Travel Company and clear things first to avoid misunderstandings later.

  • Accidental deaths

Most insurance providers offer accidental deaths during your trip as a part of travel insurance policy you purchase. At times, it may be given as an option to the potential policy buyer.

Pathik The Traveller offers their clients with travel insurance during their trips, both international and domestic. The company also caters the client with visa assistance, car rental services and hotel reservations to ensure they have a safe trip together.

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