Bhutan: Retreat into the Himalayas

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Between the Tibet Autonomous Region of China and India lies Bhutan amidst Himalayas. It is quite evident from the location that the place offers superb scenic beauty. It has its distinct culture and tradition which differentiates it from its neighbouring countries. Bhutan has been named “The Last Shangri-La” due to its holy atmosphere and peace. You must surely plan a visit to this unique place as it is now the only existing Buddhist Kingdom. When you are in Bhutan, I would suggest you to visit the following places for sure:

Thimpu: Being the capital of Bhutan, Thimpu has a lot to offer like colourful markets, museums, street life and much more. You must surely go to National Memorial Chorten which is considered to be the famous religious place. This place is generally crowded by religious people who chant mantras and spin the prayer wheel. One unique quality of Thimpu is that it is the only capital in the whole world where there are no traffic lights.

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Taktsang Lhakhang: This is a very famous monastery in Bhutan also known as “Tiger’s Nest” is located on the edge of a rocky mountain at 3000 metre from the sea level. Its history dated back to the 8th century. Buddhist pilgrims consider it to be their holy shrine and visit the place in large numbers. The way this temple is built will surely leave you amazed.

Dochu La Pass: If you visit this site on a clear day, you will surely find breathtaking view of the Himalayan range. Himalayan ranges with snow capped peaks are surely a divine experience to have. The pass is also famous and is flooded by tourists because of the presence of the famous Druk Wangyal Temple and 108 chortens. You can visit the place to enjoy the scenery and as a picnic spot.

Rukha: Rukha is a place not much visited and explored by tourists. It is a village in Jigme Dorje Wangchuk National Park which can be reached by a rope bridge. The village consists of few houses built in Tibetan style with steps that will take you to the first floor. You can have a wonderful feel of Bhutan by staying at this place.

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You will find cultural diversity in Bhutan even though it is a very small country. As far as food is concerned people there offer prayer before starting the meal and the food is cooked in earthen pots. A typical meal in Bhutan will have rice, pork, beef curry, Ema Datshi (chilly and cheese dish). If you love adventure, trekking is a great option in Bhutan. The best time to go to Bhutan is from later half of September to later half of November. Whether you are planning a trip with your family or for that matter your friends you can very well opt for Group travel services and enjoy your stay at the heavenly abode. So, get ready to explore this wonderful place and bring back sweet memories.